Photos of 3rd Gen Kindle v Paper & PDF

[11th Oct] Another update below, this time a scan on a PDF in landscape…

Update below…

Further to a discussion on Trusted Reviews I’ve taken a few quick pics of my Kindle ‘in action’ to allow some people to see it in the flesh.  It should be noted that these pics were taken with my Sony Ericsson C902 i.e. a phone, if anyone is really that interested I’ll redo them with my Canon 20D & tripod/flash and make them bigger.  I also done a wee bit of contrast change in all pics to make them a bit clearer.

So the first picture below shows a large CCNA manual with the Kindle in landscape mode showing a similar document in PDF format.  For technical PDFs I suggest that landscape mode is needed to read documents, while it is possible to zoom you then need to start horizontal scrolling, not ideal.  So it is possible to read your PDFs on the Kindle and when you consider the size of the CCNA book it’s a good option for me.


The following picture is the Kindle page by itself, focus is bit rubbish, sorry.


And this is just the ‘real’ CCNA book for comparison.


And here’s a picture of the CCNA book in Kindle format.  I’m lucky in that through my company I have access to ebooks via Books 24×7 and from here you can now get books in Kindle format.  So I downloaded the first six chapters and this what it looks like.


And a final photo of a page from an ebook I have, “Operation Mincemeat”…


[update 7/10 – since I made such a hash of the photos I decided to scan my Kindle, certainly not a lot of reflection here…]

The above scan shows a (CCNA) PDF on the Kindle in landscape mode, at the request of @ibar.  I have found that in portrait mode the text of my CCNA PDF is too small for comfortable viewing and while you can zoom the page you don’t want to do for every page.  So landscape is better.  You obviously get to see less of the page however and it’s up to you figure out if that’s enough content for you, considering the paper version is over 500 pages!  One thing to note however, is that the text highlighting features are still available in PDF so you can make notes as you go along.  You can export your notes and review them later.

If you’ve never seen a Kindle ‘in the flesh’ you’ll be surprised at how unlike an electronic display it looks like, I was.  When I first received my device I thought there was a printed acetate on the front, but no it was just in sleep mode!  That’s why the pictures above look they *might* be paper.  You can a wide range of the display settings e.g. font size, line spacing etc to suit your needs.

If you want more details then just look at the two other Kindle posts here, a general overview and a comparison between the WiFi and WiFi/3G versions.

I still wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Kindle.


7 thoughts on “Photos of 3rd Gen Kindle v Paper & PDF

  1. Excellent photos that I will refer readers to.

    I tried to respond to your review, with respect to notes & clippings. Got a blank page each time, so maybe it never took. Apologies if you get repeats when I received no message re completion of posting.

  2. Hi Halesy. as someone who is currently studying for the CCNA and potentially looking at purchasing the Kindle 3 i just wanted to know how standard pdf ebooks look on the Kindle? I mean is the formatting okay? Do you need to modify the pdf ebook before transferring across to the Kindle?

    • @ibar

      I’ve updated my post to show the CCNA PDF in landscape format. I don’t recommend it in portrait just because the text is too small. The formatting certainly looks OK (as you’ll see), it all depends if you’re happy with the amount of content you see on each page. And I made no modifications to the PDF, although you do need to transfer it via USB (because it’s 45M). As I note in my post however, it’s still possible to make notes as you go along and extract them later, which I think will be really handy – haven’t really used this yet.

      As I mention in my post I’m actually using Kindle format CCNA which works well, however at the moment I’m trying to convert the CCNA to EPUB format, I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  4. Hi, I’m also interested in technical/ccna pdf reading on e-ink devices. How did the epub conversion go?

    I’d like an update on your general experiences with the device. Thanks

    • To be honest M I’d stick with PDF. The conversion wasn’t great and made the document difficult to read. If you’re able to though try to find Kindle format Cisco docs, I did and have been doing my (occassional) study that way.

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